Life is full of stressful matters. Work, school, relationships, money worries, self doubt…the list adds up. Here are my top five things to do when you need to relax and settle your mind.Top 5 Ways to Relax1. Take a Bath
There are very few things more physically relaxing the soaking in a tub of warm water. The heat calms your sore muscles and the bath provides a quiet place to relax and remove yourself from the outside world. Bath melts and oils can be immensely helpful in calm your mind. Products that contain lavender, chamomile, or Jasmine are great as they have calming properties. I recommend the L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath or the simply adding essential oils to the bath water.
*Bonus Tip* Add a drop of lavender essential oil to the inside of your wrists to help you manage nervousness and insomnia. Continue reading

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have seen I made a very cheeky purchase from the Burberry counter at Hudson’s Bay. I picked up the limited edition Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Palette in White No. 01, a stunning white illuminating powder that have seen my fellow beauty lovers ogling for weeks. It retails for $72.00 and it felt absolutely insane to be making a purchase from a luxury brand like Burberry. Luckily enough I had some Hudson’s Bay gift cards that needed to be used up.SPRING/SUMMER 2016 RUNWAY PALETTE – WHITE NO.01 LIMITED EDITION Continue reading

Last Friday I had an amazing girls-day-out in downtown Toronto with my mom. Thanks to Dave Lackie’s invitation we were able to attend the taping of a CityLine “Fashion Friday” episode. For those of you who don’t know, Cityline is the longest running daytime talk show for women in Canadian history. Fashion Friday episodes focus on (you guessed it) fashion, along with beauty and hairstyling segments. Friday’s audience was made up entirely of Dave’s Twitter friends, many of whom are fellow bloggers. It was so nice getting to see Liz from Stay Gorgeous!, Tonya from Tonya Talks Beauty, Vanessa from Cook & Contour and so many other talented ladies. The whole event was very energized and fun as there was a DJ playing, constant dance-offs, and we were encouraged to take photos and tweet during the taping. I swear, there was a near perfect recreation of Madonna’s Vogue done two rows in front of me. Cityline Behind The ScenesCityline Fashion Segment Behind The Scenes Continue reading

When Dave Lackie organizes and event, you know its going to be immensely enjoyable. Last Friday I was able to attend the Chloé Love Story Breakfast in celebration of Chloé’s latest fragrance Love Story Eau De Toilette. It was held at WISH restaurant in downtown Toronto where I enjoyed a delicious three course breakfast (didn’t even know that was a thing), and was able to mingle with a bunch of other Canadian bloggers. I personally ate an arugula salad, French toast, and fried Nutella sandwich (talk about carb overload). Chloé Love Story Eau De ToiletteNow lets talk a bit about the reason for this event. Love Story Eau De Toilette is the newest addition to the Chloé fragrance collection. It’s described as a “green floral” with “hints of orange blossom”. It’s much different from any other Cholé fragrance I’ve tried before. The fact that it’s a green floral makes it lighter and less overpowering then other perfumes. Perfect for everyday wear. I love the bottle design. The gold handle folds down to allow for the cap to be removed. Adorable!Chloé-Love-Story-Eau-De-Toilette-2 Continue reading

This is a tube of red lipstick with skulls on it…not gonna lie, thats kinda badass. This little rebel in the shade “Roulette Red” came in my January Topbox. The unique packaging and funny name won me over almost immediately. The Teeez Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick is described as a “long-lasting lipstick [that] combines the power of highly-pigmented coverage and a unique satin, matte finish”.
Teeze-lipstick-2The formula swatches beautifully, is very pigmented and goes on opaque. The texture is creamy and exceptionally light. It feels as though there is nothing on your lips at all. It’s actually kinda freaky. It’s so light that when I was testing it I forgot I was wearing lipstick, walked passed a mirror and freaked out because I thought my mouth was bleeding. Despite it containing coconut oil, the product isn’t very moisturizing, however, as someone with very dry lips I can safely say the lipstick does not dry your lips out the way most matte lip products do. Yeah!

The packaging says the product will last up to eight hours. It lasted about four hours on me, but I was drinking a lot of water during that time. So I would say it held up quite well. If you are not use to wearing darker lipstick I would suggest using a lip liner to avoid the colour bleeding.Teeze lipstick

Have you guys tried anything from Teeez cosmetics before? Do you have a favourite product? Let me know in the comment section!